Skylar (abercrombie_boi) wrote in sga,

Student Affairs?

Hey all, I was recently appointed the chair of student affairs for the SGA of Western Kentucky University. We have a lot of big initiatives this semester through my committee, including working on visitation policies at the residence halls and pushing our civic engagement campaign. However, I'd like to get some input from other universities. What are you working on in the realm of student affairs at your institutions?


Skylar Jordan
Co-Chair, Student Affairs
Student Government Association
Western Kentucky University
Moderator, sga
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Safe ride programs for driving people home from bars... so they wont drive drunk
We're focusing alot on the parking situation, tuition costs, and creating traditions.
Hello, fellow Kentuckian! :) duPont Manual High (Louisville) c/o '03 here!

At MIT, we're working on getting active Judicial Committees into all the dorms, getting student representatives on tenure review boards and budget review committees, maintaining the cultures of the living groups in the face of changes made by MIT's previous president, making sure that new freshmen are given adequate time to choose living options, and talking with the new Dean of Discipline to deal with problems caused by the previous one.

We're also reforming our own elections/representation process, working with other Boston-area schools to deal with the use of rubber bullets by police in crowd control, and establishing a streamlined procedure to make sure that admins don't bypass student governing bodies which are supposed to have judicial power when dealing with living group misconduct. And promoting mental health on campus.

Jessie Lowell
Undergraduate Association Senator from East Campus
Undergraduate Association Vice President-elect
MIT c/o '07