February 22nd, 2005

Hello SGA Cohorts

My name is Mitch Bruckert and i am a Junior Biology Major at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay. I hail from the land where student governance isnt a right its the LAW! Thanks due to wisconsins state statue 36.09(5). We are required by law to have a voice in the governance of our institution.

I am currently the Campus Climate director of SGA. Where i am in charge of maintaing a positive student climate (aka student safety). I also have voting rights on student senate as a sga director, SGA Executive Committe (i think), and i am an atlarge memeber of SUFAC where i help tp divy up student fee money to orgs.
I also sit on all SGA boards as an ex-officio member when i feel so inclined. I am a member of the universities safety and health committee that meets 2 times a semester. I am also a delegate to the presidents coucil of the United Council of UW Students and a primary "justice" of the judiciary committee for them.

Currently i am working on a national initiative to establish a national campus safety awareness month. I have been at it since october and it is starting to pay off. It led to the introduction of h res 15 in the us house of representatives ( http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/D?c109:3:./temp/~c109zLcXyA:: ). See if your sga will support it and encourage your state's representatives to cosponsor!
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