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This is the first community on LiveJournal dedicated to student government! If you're in college, chances are you know the importance of your school's Student Government Assocation. It is the voice of the students on any campus, telling the administrators, regents, trustees, and faculty how the students feel and working in the best interest of the student body. The SGA of any campus is the voice of its students and its importance cannot be underestimated.

This community is for people who are a part of, interested in, or curious about student government to share ideas, thoughts, and anything pertinent to student government. This is a place to brainstorm, share ideas and experiences, and come together to converse and commiserate over our triumphs and travails.

The only rules are that every post is related to SGA, with the exception of a brief introductory post, and that all comments are kept polite and constructive. Promote your community, as long as it is relevant to the topics discussed in this one.